I need blogs to follow that are motivating or positive and also possibly related to fitness or health. Preferably not just a blog with pictures of naked skinny girls and oatmeal. Too much to ask?

What's your favorite place to buy clothes from? Lol.

My favorite stores are H&M, topshop, brandy melville, urban outfitters, etc. But I end up getting most of my clothes from places like marshall’s..

I gain a lot of followers in bursts every now and then but yall never talk to me! My ask box is always open.

Does anyone else experience tingling in the face associated with your panic attacks? I don’t know whether or not this is a normal symptom.

happy birthday sweetie!! xx

Thank you! x 

My sister is working backstage at a jay z and beyonce concert tonight and I’m sitting on tumblr alone in my room on my birthday lol 

Happy Birthday! You are amazing

Thank you! :)