• fat women: *gets shit on by peers, media, the fashion industry, products and marketing*
  • skinny women: *praised by literally everyone*
  • skinny women: *doesn't say shit while fat women are being put down*
  • Nicki: fuck skinny bitches
  • skinny women: what the FUCK what htE FUCK??? YOU ARE Nt gonna get ANYhwer by shMING ANY body type...we have to LOVE evyer,,,one!!!!1111

I read a post the other day that was people whining about hearing about racism all the time.

Some of yall are tired of hearing about it huh?

Imagine living it.

Dealing with it. Every day.

If you don’t have to wake up with a skin color that is actually affected by it,

Get over it.


















So I’m seeing a debate about shaming skinny girls, and people are justifying it by saying that bigger girls go through so much more. Ok, how about we don’t be assholes to anyone based on their body type and just live.

But saying things…

I hate when people say its okay to skinny shame. And for the previous reply, why is it wrong for men to criticize skinny girls, but it’s okay for bigger women to do it?
I think that’s what people call double standard.

moon-xviii That’s a hypothetical situation that no one’s talking about though. This isn’t about someone coming up to you and saying “I hate you’re body you’re too skinny and it’s ugly,” it’s about fat women telling each other that their bodies are important, and using “fuck skinny women” as a source of empowerment, the same way a poc might say “fuck white people.” It’s not about your body as an individual, it’s about a system that prioritizes and idealizes skinny bodies. You’re making a situation about you when it’s not (that’s derailment, btw).

It’s not a “double standard,” it’s acknowledgement that misogyny exists.

Most modern societies are patriarchal, which means men have inherent power and privilege over women and nb people. Women in particular face misogyny, which is a male-constructed system of oppression. Men insulting women’s bodies is them exercising their privilege to judge women’s value based on their appearance, it’s an example of misogyny.

Women saying “fuck skinny women” isn’t exercising privilege, as previously explained, it’s a reaction to a discriminatory system.

And women can’t be misogynists?
What if it’s a large man saying “fuck skinny girls”? And please don’t act like only men judge women based on their appearance and not vise versa. Your argument has too many problems


Women can have internalized misogyny, but women can’t be misogynistic. That’s how privilege works.

Personally, I don’t think fat men have the right to judge women’s bodies, regardless of skinny privilege. As a skinny person though, I’m totally open to being corrected.

And yeah I know, judging women’s value based on appearance is a product of a patriarchal society. Everyone who lives within that society will do it. But it’s still a male-created society, a male-created standard, and it’s still an example of male privilege. Internalized misogyny exists and is a problem, but it’s not the same as misogyny. It’s all about power imbalance.

No. Women CAN be misogynistic. It has nothing to do with internalized anything. Women can hate women. It is a fact.

And to think big women can judge skinny women and big men can’t, is fucking ridiculous. “Skinny privilege” shouldn’t just work one way.

Stop creating double standards and maybe people will start taking you serious.

I think you misunderstand what misogyny is. It’s generally considered to be an extension of the oppression of women. (Fear/hatred of women, within a system of oppression). Oppression = prejudice + power, women don’t have the power in a patriarchal society, men do. Therefore, women cannot oppress other women by virtue of being women (we can oppress other women for other things, e.g. race, sexual/romantic orientation, etc.). 

"Internalized" anything (misogyny, racism, etc.) is considered those sentiments but directed at yourself. It’s values you learned from the oppressive system you live under, but you don’t benefit from them.

Men actively benefit from a misogynistic society, women don’t. There’s a difference. (Like I said, it’s all about power.)

You have to understand the intersections of oppressive systems here to understand my argument. There’s a system of oppression of women (and nb people) that gives men power, and there’s a system of discrimination against fat people (I’m not sure whether or not it’s considered oppression? Totally could be though) that gives skinny people the power. Men are held to a different standard re: skinny women because they benefit from male privilege, so when they insult skinny women it’s not just a reaction to skinny privilege, it’s an exertion of male privilege. That’s misogynistic. It’s a different power structure but they intersect. It’s not a double standard, it’s an acknowledgement of the existence of misogyny.

But like I said, I’m skinny so if someone (who actually understands the concept of oppression) would like to correct me re: fat men insulting skinny women, feel free.

"Generally considered" by who?
The definition it’s had throughout time is the hatred and/or fear of women. That’s it. It has nothing to do with “oppression and the patriarchy.” I’m not going to sit here and argue with a person who truly believes they are oppressed when they problem live in a Western country. Grow a back bone. Nobody’s oppressing you.



I mean, did you want me to answer your question?

I kind of assumed if you were going to be making such blatantly false statements as “oppression doesn’t exist in the Western world” that you were done with the discussion.

You must truly have no idea what the definition of oppression is. Do you face cruel and unjust treatment like abuse just because you’re a girl? Is it accepted? Are you turned away when you report a rape? Are you denied goods and services because you’re a girl? Are you controlled by men? Are you able to vote? Are you able to live by yourself? Are you able to choose your partner? Are you able to obtain a job? Are you paid for your labor? Chances are you answered yes to most, if not all, of these questions. You’re not oppressed.

I already said, oppression is prejudice + power. I’m pretty sure literally all modern western countries are patriarchal, i.e. men are in power. And there’s prejudice against women. Prejudice, power, oppression.

I’m not really sure what that series of questions was supposed prove? Are you saying that the justice system being biased against the victims of a gendered crime ISN’T an example of oppression?

What she’s saying is this: We in western societies are not oppressed compared to many other places around the world. Of course our system isn’t completely equal and has it’s faults, however, there is much worse in other places. We should focus on those places and help those women before we deal with our own, which in not nearly as bad. 

Okay this is probably the last thing I’m going to add because it’s hard for me to explain things to people who simply aren’t understanding the big picture, sorry. Okay so apply the logic you just used to the previous argument. Here, I’ll do it for you using mostly your words.

What she’s saying is this: We, skinny women in western societies, are not ridiculed compared to many other body types like bigger women in the world. Of course our our skinniness has it’s faults, however, there is much worse for other body types. We should focus on those women and help those women before we deal with our own, which in not nearly as bad. 

@smallplantfriend  Where’s that post about how helping educate someone on an issue or spreading awareness online actually does do good because a lot of people have changed their behavior so they recognize their privilege or their wrong behavior so they practice becoming less racist, sexist, or a better person, etc… Do you know which one I’m talking about?


I had my first classes at a big university today!! Forgot to take pics cause I was pretty busy exploring but I’ll update soon. 


So I’m seeing a debate about shaming skinny girls, and people are justifying it by saying that bigger girls go through so much more. Ok, how about we don’t be assholes to anyone based on their body type and just live.

But saying things like “how about we don’t be assholes to anyone” is like completely not acknowledging the fact that “skinny shaming” and “fat shaming” are so different to the point where you can’t compare the two. Saying that is seriously disregarding what bigger women go through. When you say things like that it makes you seem like you’re neutral and when you’re neutral in a situation like this it’s basically the same thing as condoning how our society, in general, treats bigger women. I can go as far as saying “skinny shaming” is almost irrelevant especially when you acknowledge race. For example, when nicki minajs “anaconda” came out a lot of people where angry it was skinny shaming but click here for a good response. And for another good response click here


You’re so attractive for a white girl! I mean you’re not like the rest of them all pale, plain, and flat..

now tell me that doesn’t immediately come across as offensive?

stop doing this to people of color 

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Skipped breakfast because I was indecisive on what to eat.
Story of my life

I have a headache and no regular pain killers. Just ones with added medicine for menstrual symptoms and also prescription pain killers that I’m saving. Boy it would be nice to be a man so I could just walk to the cvs near my home but no. I’m a girl and it’s night so it’s not safe for me. So upset

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